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Cerita Joko Kendil dalam bahasa Inggris

Cerita Joko Kendil dalam bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time, in a remote village in Central Java, there is a poor widow. He has a son who resembles a pot for cooking rice. In Central Java, pot for cooking rice is called kendil. Because the boy that resembled kendil then He is known by the name of Joko Kendil.

Although such kendil his son, but the mother did not feel shame or regret, even on the contrary He was very fond of her sincerely. When I was little, Joko Kendil as children age. He is very playful so endeared her friends. One day there was a wedding in the nearby village. Joko Kendil quietly slipped into the kitchen.

"Oh, no kendil nice. Better to place cakes and fruits," said a mother putting an assortment of cakes and fruit into the kendil. He did not know that it actually is a human kendil. Once fully charged, Joko Kendil slowly rolling out.

"Kendil magical! Kendil magical! Cried the people who saw it happen. They are scrambling to have that magical kendil. Joko Kendil even more rapidly rolled home.

Arriving home, John Kendil indirectly to his mother. "Where did you get the cake and fruits as much as this?" she asked in amazement. Joko Kendil honestly tell you what happened. Everything was not stolen but awarding mothers in the kitchen of a marriage party. According to them kendil beautiful Iebih right to store cakes and fruits rather than used for cooking rice.

Year after year Joko Kendil get older and more mature. But his body has not changed, it remains as kendil. One day Joko Kendil expressed his desire to get married. Of course, confused mother, who wants to marry his son-shaped kendil. Her mother is getting confused again when Joko Kendil states would only marry a princess.

"What is your wish not mistaken, my son? You are children of the poor, such as kendil body shape. How could a princess wants to marry you?"

said his mother. But Joko Kendil still urged to immediately melamarkan princess for her. Finally, on the appointed day Kendil Joko and his mother to the king.

The king has three daughters's beautiful. Joko Kendil Dengah mother carefully explained that he had come was to apply for one of the princess. The king was very surprised but wisely he asked his reply to the third daughter.

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