Rabu, 30 November 2016

Dongeng batu menangis versi bahasa Inggris

In a remote village on a hill, in the area of ​​Borneo lived a poor widow and a daughter. The girl was very beautiful widow. But, unfortunately, has had a very bad attitude. He was very lazy, never helped her mother with chores. It works just dressed up every day.

In addition to a lazy, spoiled a little girl once. All requests must be obeyed. Every time his mother asked him to do something, regardless of what his mother is sick, tired every day in search of a bite of rice.

One day, the girl asked her mother to go shopping down town. The village market design, so far, they should be quite tiring to walk. The girl was dressed in nice clothes and wear walking in the streets so that people eventually will admire the beauty of his patient. walked behind his mother, however, a very dirty clothes basket. Because they live in a secluded place, no one knew the woman who runs it, is the mother and child.

When they begin to enter the village, facing the people of the town. They were so fascinated by the beauty of the girls, especially the youth in the village to look at the girl's face was insatiable. But when he saw the people behind him, quite a contrast. It makes one wonder.

Among those who, a young man approached and asked: "Hey, pretty girl. That is going behind the mother?"
However, what is the response of the girls?
"No," emphasis, he said. "He is a servant!"
Both mother and child were then follow. Not far, a young man approached and asked the girl again.
"Hi, honey. Is the stairs behind you, is your mother?"
"No, no," he replied with a tilted head. "Budakk it!"
That way all the girls know about his mother asked, the answer is always someone who is. Her mother was treated as a slave or a slave.

At first listen to her daughter's rebellious response is requested by the person, the mother can still refuses. But to hear the same answer over and over again very hurtful and then, finally, the poor mother could not resist. My mother prayed.

"My God, I was not able to cope with this insult. Children younger civil servants, so how they have treated the case. Yes, the gods punish naughty children! Punish him ...."
Of the power of Almighty God, the body slowly became virulent stone girl. This change from the feet. These changes have reached half of the body, the girl was crying for her mother begging for forgiveness.

"Oh, my Ibu..ibu..ampunilah, forgive the iniquity of your child during this time. Mom ... Mom ... forgive your children .." continue to wail and cry the girl asked her mother. However, it was too late. A girl throughout the body, eventually, became a stone. Even into the stone, but once you see his eyes still shed tears, as she was crying. So, the stone coming from the girl who gets his curse was called "The Rock Cried".

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